"Pets don’t require regular bathing / Bathing pets too often is bad for them.”

      It seems that this thought is the most common misconception surrounding the pet grooming business. You will hear people claim that bathing your pet regularly will strip their skin of its moisture and cause it to be itchy and flakey. This would be true if you use a soap-based shampoo, don’t fully rinse off the pet, or don’t have the water at the correct temperature. But regular professional grooming not only helps prevent certain skin diseases and dry, flakey skin, it can also help your pet shed less! Please remember that even if you choose to limit how often your pet is bathed/groomed, they still require regular nail trims. We suggest that all dogs get nail trims at least once a month. If the nails are allowed to grow out it can cause serious pain which effects how your pet walks and can cause early arthritis in the paws and legs.


"The groomer never cuts my dogs nails short enough.”

      As stated above, just like your own nails your pet’s nails require regular trimming (once a month at the very least). Unlike your nails, if a pet goes too long without getting their nails cut the vein (AKA the quick) in their nails will grow in towards the end of the nail. This means that when we trim the nails we can only take off what the vein has not yet reached, if we go past it then the dog will bleed (which is only superficial 99% of the time). This is also why for dogs we suggest the nail trim package that includes filing after cutting, which will smooth out the nails and even take a bit more off that would be impossible to get with cutting alone. Remember as pet groomers all we can do is work with what you, the pet owners, bring us. We want to help you and your pet have a long happy life together, with regular grooming and nail trims you are ensuring that they feel great!


“My pet is too scared to be left alone at the groomers for a couple hours.”

      In our extensive experience in the pet care industry we have come to find that owners are usually much, much more nervous about leaving their pet than their pet is about being separated for a little while. Yes, while Fluffy might do an anxious little dance, pull a sad face and complete the act with little cries of despair, that’s all it is: an act. While they might not be thrilled that you’re leaving them, the majority of our four-legged clients drop the act and snuggle right up to us the second Mom or Dad walks out the door. Remember, your pet knows they have you wrapped around their paw! We might be strangers at first but with regular grooming appointments your pet will gain the confidence to trust us, we have many clients whose pets cannot wait to get through the door to come and see us and the feeling we get from that is the most rewarding of all.


“I don’t groom my pet in the winter as (s)he will be too cold.”

      Many people will go all winter long without getting their pet groomed, and come spring many of these long haired pets will need clean cuts (to their owners displeasure). If it is mentioned that the pet hasn’t been groomed in several months since fall, the usual response is that they did not want to bring the dog in as they did not want the dog to be cold. We cannot stress how wrong this is. During the winter time many people have heat running constantly in their homes and while it will keep us nice and warm, your pet’s skin will inevitably dry out and become itchy and flakey. Bathing will help to keep your pet’s skin moisturized and flake free. We like to ask owners to imagine if they were unable to shower for several months, you can only think how uncomfortable you would feel! Your pet gets those exact same feelings of discomfort. No pet ever leaves our salon wet, so the chill factor is non-existent. Even if your pet normally gets a haircut, if it’s not absolutely necessary we can just neaten them up around the edges! If your pet does happen to need a full haircut, TRUST US, they will be fine, remember; short haired dogs survive in the winter months! You can always purchase a sweater or jacket for your pet when it goes outside if you think they will be cold, but please try to limit these to outdoor use only. If left on for long periods of time and while inside the house the hair will start to mat underneath and your dog is at risk to overheat.


"My short haired pet doesn't require professional grooming."

      Another common misconception among pet owners is that their short haired pet won't get any more benefits from a professional grooming at a salon compared to a bath at home. While we don't doubt that you try your best when if/when you bath your pet at home, we know from experience that it is much easier for us to get the best results with our top of the line bathing products and specially designed pet grooming tubs. Does your short haired pet shed a lot, or perhaps seasonally blow out their coat? We have an advantage with our tables and other professional grooming tools as well, as we can brush every inch of your pet with our FURminator® brushes and we don't mind when all of that hair gets all over the place! Instead of struggling to keep your pet in the bath tub at home, bring them to us for a professional and stress-free full service grooming package.



If you have any questions on these topics, or any other thoughts you might have about grooming, please feel free to call, email us at TailsAndTanglesPetGrooming@yahoo.com, or drop by the salon and ask us! We encourage pet parents to be as knowledgeable as possible about the grooming process to ensure that all our clients (both two-legged and four) are completely satisfied with our services.